Computer Aided Disaster Management - CADM

Use Case

We intend to programm an application that can be used out in the field (mostly on laptops) with an innovative usability.
The leader will normally have some set of pre-defined units he can put to work. So for example if he is in the EMS branch of disaster management in Germany he will have quite the following things:

  • ambulances ==> 1 driver, 1 EMT; maximum of 2 patient ( 1 horizontal, 1 sitting)
  • Mobile Intensive Care Units ==> 1 driver, 1 paramedic, maximum of 1 patient (horizontal)
  • emergency ambulances ==> 1 driver, 1 field EMT (low education) , maximum of 4 patients horizontal
  • emergency physician car ==> 1 emergency physician, no transportation capacity
  • rapid response teams ==> contain emergency ambulances, some 25 personnel, treatment and transportation capabilities for at most 16 patients

So when the leader is called to a disaster he will start our application and create a new project ( disaster). He will define which units are already at work at the scene and will split up the scene into different "areas". He will then assign his units to different tasks withhin this areas. This tasks will mainly be:

  • triage all possibly affected people at the scene (sort them in categories 1 (needs emergency treatment) through 4 ( no chance to survive under conditions of disaster medicine)
  • bring the triaged patient to a field hospital ( no surgery)
  • arrange the transportation of patients to a real hospital
  • keep the field hospital and ambulances going ( they tend to need lots of gas )

In most cases some units may arrive later than the leader, so he will have to spend time to put them into the application, too. Another time consuming task is writing the incident book, where he will record every order and report he gets. And then in turn he has to report to his superior leader.
We intend on alleviating these tasks:

  • automatically write an incident book based upon the inputs into the programm
  • generate reports and send them to a central server (something we wanted to do later on)
  • keep track of all units in the field

Also there are a lot of other organisations involved in disaster relief and we would like to build a software that can be used by anyone anywhere for nearly any purpose.

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